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If your home has condensation, musty smells, patches of black mould, it is probably excess humidity. A damp environment encourages dust mites and      mould spores to germinate. Protecting and keeping your home ventilated reduces condensation and ensures harmful pollutants  are eradicated.


'We believe this to be the most exciting and innovative product for improving internal cold and damp walls in a generation'

ISO-Therm Internal wall insulation is a thin woven material  that can cover a multitude of wall and ceiling finishes. Being lightweight and flexible makes it simple to  fit around light switches, sockets and window reveals, therefore causing minimal disruption.

Easy to install, simply use a trowel to apply the Iso Therm adhesive, the fabric is then affixed and rolled onto to the wall/ceiling and finished with a final coat of standard plaster that equals in total an approximate overall depth of only 10mm.

ISO-THERM is vapour permeable allowing walls to breath, but waterproof, thereby resisting any damp transference. Because of its high thermal benefit, and the withholding of any natural damp transference it is highly resistant to any formation of surface mould. (For further information see products page)

Easy to install, High Thermal Benefits. 


Positive Input Ventilation -

For properties affected by condensation, dampness and humidity,  an effective solution is Positive Input Ventilation (PIV), drawing fresh air from outside to a PIV unit located in the loft or hall area, continually circulating, gently pushing fresh 'filtered' air into the home. Moisture-laden stale air is forced out, creating a healthy indoor environment.

Opening windows - dehumidifiers help when cooking, bathing, drying clothes etc and reduce moisture levels in the immediate vicinity. But if your home is well insulated, or has cold spots this won’t be enough to remove humidity and stop mould spores germinating. With open windows heat is lost, then there’s the issue of security. Dehumidifiers need emptying and are expensive to run compared to a PIV unit at around 3 cents per day. (For further information see products page)

Quiet, energy-efficient, cost-effective, protecting the fabric and materials in the home. (For reviews search 'Drimaster' on Amazon)


Heat Recovery Units -

Based on the same principle as the whole house PIV unit (above), only smaller and can be installed in a specific room (I.e. bedroom) that suffers a higher degree of humidity/condensation/mould. 

If water vapour in the air of a home can escape somewhere, condensation would never occur. When homes were more draughty and open fires common, damp air would mainly escape up the chimney. Houses are now significantly better insulated therefore the moisture has nowhere to go and hence condensation problems have grown significantly. (For further information see products page)

Wall, Window or Ceiling mounted with integral Humidity Sensors, simple Installation.


Extractor Fans-


A low energy, ultra quiet extractor fan for use in kitchens, utility rooms, bathrooms, shower rooms and toilets. Very low running costs. Wide operating range. Attractive front facia blends well with most wall finishes.


Energy efficient EC motor - low energy consumption. Provides low level continuous ventilation to control condensation. 3 speed axial fan. For any domestic wet room.  (For further information see products page)


Thermal Dry-Anti Condensation Paint-

Thermaldry Anti-Condensation Coating is both thermally insulating and water repelling. It increases the wall temperature, thus reducing the ‘dew point’, or the temperature at which condensation occurs, the coating is waterproof when dry and walls are warm to the touch, takes up to 60% longer for condensation to occur on walls, can be painted or wall papered over with any finish, without reducing its effectiveness, prevents formation of black mould and other harmful fungi.

TYPICAL USES: Bathrooms, Utility rooms, Kitchens, Lintels over windows/doors which produce cold spots, cold walls/ceilings and Industrial applications. Eco-friendly and antibacterial. (For further information see products page).


DRYSEAL Masonry Cream (Exterior Protection) -

DrySeal is a, unique, thixotropic, water repelling masonry protection cream which can be used on a range of building materials. Dependent on the porosity of the substrate, the effective siloxane ingredient penetrates the substrate within a short period of time (30 minutes to several hours), where it reacts to become a permanent, chemically bonded, silicone coating.

Easy application by brush, roller or low pressure spray, protects against efflorescent salts which damage paintwork, becomes effective straight after drying (approx. 3 hours). can be applied to damp surfaces, improves insulation by keeping surfaces dry, allows surfaces to breath, appears white when wet for easy application, dries colourless and does not stain surfaces, helps keep substrate dry so improves insulation by 25%.

TYPICAL USES: Ideal for walls with cavity fill insulation, to prevent saturation through rain penetration, ideal for walls with cavity fill that has already become saturated, as DrySeal allows the masonry to breath encouraging it to dry out and preventing any further water ingress. (For further information see products page).


Mould Clear Concentrate – MCS1-

The mould control system is is a 2 staged treatment for walls and ceilings etc. Affected by condensation mould, when completed, surfaces will exhibit excellent resistance to mould growth even under severe condensation conditions. Supplied as a 5X concentrate, this product is designed to provide an initial wash/sterilisation treatment to remove and kill mould spores and surface growths on painted or papered surfaces. (For further information see products page)


Mould Eradication Kit-

The Mould Eradication Kit is designed to kill mould growth on walls, ceilings, window reveals, frames, doors, skirting boards etc.
These instructions need to be followed carefully. There are three stages, with each stage it is vital to treat the visible mould PLUS 1 metre beyond the signs of surface growth. (For further information see products page).


TECHNOSEAL. Liquid Damp proofing Membrane

Technoseal DPM is a ready-to-use, liquid damp proofing membrane which provides a seamless waterproof and radon barrier, ideal to use as part of a below ground-level waterproofing system. Paint or roller applied. (For further information see products page).


Enviroseal Liquid Water Repellent

Enviroseal is a highly-effective, liquid based water repellent containing silicone emulsion for use above ground. It can be applied to multiple substrates, including porous brickwork, cement renderings, asbestos, cement or mineral boards, unglazed tiles, cast concrete, roughcast, stonework (including calcareous materials such as those containing limestone), wood, canvas and leather.

Surfaces treated with Enviroseal remain permeable to vapour so that moisture within the structure does not remain trapped.

Enviroseal is clear and colourless and will not normally alter the appearance of treated surfaces. In some cases, however, very slightly darkening may occur, so a small test area should be applied when appearance is critical. (For further information see products page).