Drimaster Loft Version

Located in the loft area the Drimaster continuously draws fresh air, reducing the humidity within the home, preventing mould growth and controlling dust-mite allergens.

The air is drawn into the Drimaster through the G4 filters and is gently dispersed into your home via a diffuser that is located on the ceiling of your central hallway, auto cut off at 23 degrees or low humidity, 6 speed control settings.

low power consumption, costs around 3 cents per day, filter clean or replace every five years. 

Improves air quality -indoor pollutants from cooking and cleaning are removed while outdoor pollutants including traffic fumes, pollen are kept out -clinically proven to help allergy and asthma sufferers.


€445.00 Inc. IVA. Free P&P - Mainland PT

Drimaster Flatmaster

The Flatmaster offers a low cost, whole home ventilation and has been specifically designed to ventilate homes without lofts that have a concrete floor/ceiling, or homes with a flat roof.

This compact unit is usually situated in a central location, such as a landing or hallway, and is ducted from an external wall with a hole drilled through the brick/concrete for air to be drawn from.

The benefits are Equal to the Drimaster Loft Version, (Please see above)

Nuaire Flatmaster Wall Fit

 €445.00 Inc. IVA. Free P&P - Mainland PT


'We believe this to be the most exciting and innovative product for improving internal cold and damp walls in a generation'

Wykamol Group Ltd

Designed to save energy and keep walls dry

ISO-THERM is an ultra thin (+/-4mm) specially woven polyester based material, which is both unique and patented. Available in rolls of 1 metre wide, it is flexible and lightweight and will accommodate a multitude of wall finishes. Due to its ease of use and flexibility it can be cut around light switches/sockets/radiator brackets, and is minimally invasive in its installation. Very often , door architraves and skirtings can remain in place, and because of its flexibility it fits around and into window reveals with ease.

It is fixed in place with our unique ISO-THERM Grout/adhesive,  trowelled onto the wall to a thickness of circa 5mm, then the ISO-THERM affixed and rolled onto the adhesive,  the overall finished depth after a direct plaster skim coat is approximately 10mm.

ISO-THERM is vapour permeable, but waterproof, thereby resisting any lateral damp transference, and stopping the subsequent natural surface nitrates and chlorides forming as an efflorescent salt.  Because if its high thermal benefit, and the withholding of any natural damp transference it is highly resistant to any formation of surface mould.

 A new and innovative patented textile based thermal system for wall insulation & damp control, for dry and warm walls.

The sheer speed of application, and the ability to apply direct to sound plastered walls, means that large areas can be applied in a very short space of time, and save for the plaster skim coat and painting, both residential and commercial properties suffering from cold and damp/mouldy walls can be improved substantially with the minimum of disruption. 

Thin Internal Wall Insulation can provide significant energy savings for uninsulated solid wall homes and help cure the moisture problems manifesting. It is easier to install, cheaper, lower risk and reduces fuel bills for solid wall homes.


     €.........Inc. IVA. Free P&P - Mainland PT. ( 1Roll = 1m x 7.5m)

Heat Recovery Units 

The heat recovery units for single rooms have been specifically designed to eliminate excessive moisture and so helping to prevent condensation with the inherent risks to property and health whilst retaining up to 80% of heat contained within the outgoing air. Link: Pic & Info.

If water vapour in the air of a home can escape somewhere, condensation would never occur. When homes were more draughty and open fires common, damp air would mainly escape up the chimney. Houses are now significantly better insulated therefore the moisture has nowhere to go and hence condensation problems have grown significantly. (For further information see products page)

Wall, Window or Ceiling mounted with integral Humidity Sensors, simple Installation.

Heat Recovery Unit €....... Inc. IVA. Free P&P - Mainland PT

Extractor Fans


A low energy, ultra quiet extractor fan for use in kitchens, utility rooms, bathrooms, shower rooms and toilets. Very low running costs. Wide operating range. Attractive front facia blends well with most wall finishes.

€....... Inc. IVA. Free P&P - Mainland PT


Energy efficient EC motor - low energy consumption. Provides low level continuous ventilation to control condensation. 3 speed axial fan. For any domestic wet room.

€....... Inc. IVA. Free P&P - Mainland PT 

Thermal Dry-Anti Condensation Paint

Thermaldry Anti-Condensation Coating is both thermally insulating and water repelling. It increases the wall temperature, thus reducing the ‘dew point’, or the temperature at which condensation occurs, the coating is waterproof when dry and walls are warm to the touch, takes up to 60% longer for condensation to occur on walls, can be painted or wall papered over with any finish, without reducing its effectiveness, prevents formation of black mould and other harmful fungi.

TYPICAL USES: Bathrooms, Utility rooms, Kitchens, Lintels over windows/doors which produce cold spots, cold walls/ceilings and Industrial applications. Eco-friendly and antibacterial.


€....... Inc. IVA. Free P&P - Mainland PT

DRYSEAL Masonry Cream (Exterior Protection) 

DrySeal is a, unique, thixotropic, water repelling masonry protection cream which can be used on a range of building materials. Dependent on the porosity of the substrate, the effective siloxane ingredient penetrates the substrate within a short period of time (30 minutes to several hours), where it reacts to become a permanent, chemically bonded, silicone coating.

Easy application by brush, roller or low pressure spray, protects against efflorescent salts which damage paintwork, becomes effective straight after drying (approx. 3 hours). can be applied to damp surfaces, improves insulation by keeping surfaces dry, allows surfaces to breath, appears white when wet for easy application, dries colourless and does not stain surfaces, helps keep substrate dry so improves insulation by 25%.

TYPICAL USES: Ideal for walls with cavity fill insulation, to prevent saturation through rain penetration, ideal for walls with cavity fill that has already become saturated, as DrySeal allows the masonry to breath encouraging it to dry out and preventing any further water ingress. (For further information see products page).


€....... Inc. IVA. Free P&P - Mainland PT

Mould Eradication Kit

The Mould Eradication Kit is designed to kill mould growth on walls, ceilings, window reveals, frames, doors, skirting boards etc.

These instructions need to be followed carefully. There are three stages, with each stage it is vital to treat the visible mould PLUS 1 metre beyond the signs of surface growth.


€....... Inc. IVA. Free P&P - Mainland PT