Positive Input Ventilation is simple in design but revolutionary in its success at preventing and curing condensation in new and older homes. The process involves drawing fresh air from outside into the unit located in the loft or hall where it is filtered before being passed through a modern, centrally located ceiling diffuser. Moisture-laden stale air is forced out through the natural leakage points and as a result the humidity is drastically reduced and allergens are removed from the air creating a healthy indoor environment.


Located in your loft  or hall the Drimaster will continuously draw fresh air that enters the unit via the vented loft space, ventilation points include tile or soffit vents etc. Hall units require ducting (see below)

The air is drawn into the Drimaster through the G4 filters and is gently dispersed into your home via a diffuser that is located in the ceiling of your central hallway.

low maintenance cost, only a few cents per day, filter clean or replacement every five years, depending on unit type.

The unit is installed in the loft if possible if not in the hall, this is the perfect solution for homes looking for a ventilation solution!

This unique system has functions such as a lock feature, a digital display and manual control to increase/decrease the volume of airflow entering the property.

A single system ducted to a central area covers a whole property. There are wall mounted options for houses and apartments with no loft access.


The Flatmaster offers a low cost, whole home ventilation and has been specifically designed to ventilate homes without lofts, for example lofts that have a concrete floor, or homes with a flat roof etc.

This compact unit is usually situated in a convenient location, such as in a cupboard or hallway, and is ducted to a central location that requires one external hole for air to be drawn in.

Low maintenance - filter clean or replacement every 18 months.

How do I operate the unit?

During installation your unit will have been set to run continuously at a level that will adequately ventilate your home.
As house sizes and occupancy levels vary, your Drimaster has 6 speed controls which can be adjusted to suit your home. These speed settings can be adjusted via the controls on the ceiling diffuser or on the unit.

How much does a Drimaster cost to run?

To run the unit, electrical consumption would (typically) be about 3/4 cents per day. However, it should be remembered that the unit is making use of heat at ceiling level which would otherwise be lost.

The unit will switch itself into standby mode when temperatures reach such that condensation would not occur within your home e.g. during the summertime.

What maintenance is required?

To maintain the optimum performance of your Drimaster the filters must be kept clean and clear, the cleaning or replacement of the filters is required every 5 years for the Drimaster loft version, 18 months for the Flatmaster.

The display found on the ceiling diffuser/unit will notify the occupier when filters need to be replaced.

Please refer to Operating and Maintenance Instructions for disposal information. 


495.00 euros

Includes: The Drimaster Eco - HC / LC Unit, Ceiling diffuser, Electrical Feed, Supply and Installation.

Please note: the promotion offer is based on the installation of the Drimaster that has access to the loft area and the hall/landing ceiling is of plasterboard or wood material, concrete ceilings require additional works in which we can provide a quotation for.

Extra cost also applies to the Flatmaster model as additional works are required for ducting and drilling a hole in an exterior wall for the air intake.

At Stopmouldpt we take pride in our work offering a reliable and professional service, installations are carried out by professional tradespeople with a minimum amount of disturbance,  and in a courteous polite manner with the utmost care taken to protect / cover furniture, carpets etc. leaving your home as clean and tidy as we found it, all waste will be removed from site and disposed to a local Junta/council refuse site.