Stopmouldpt provides the following services:  Sales, Installation, Maintenance and Parts


On initial contact a short survey/questionnaire will be forwarded to you regarding a list of requirements for your installation:

The Site Survey Request will contain the following:

-Type Of Property

-Number of bathrooms - …….

-Number of bedrooms - ……..

-Number of occupants - ………

-Ladders required Y / N 

-Soffit / Tile / Vents Y / N

-Double Glazing Y / N / Partial

Trickle vents Y / N 

-Kitchen Extract Fan Y / N Recirculating? Y / N

-Bathroom Extract Fan Y / N

-En-suite Extract Fan Y / N

-Roof Type ………………………………. Picture taken? Y / N

-Loft Access (Hatch)............................Y / N

The installer when on site will then locate the unit in a position and setting for optimum performance.

For your peace of mind Stopmouldpt offer a 5 years warranty on Parts and 1 Year Labour.

Service Maintenance & Parts

Nuaire Drimaster loft version filters should be replaced every 3 to 5 years, (Flatmaster 18 months), if your unit is near a main road / high pollen area you may want to change or clean more often. The replacement filters below will fit the Nuaire loft and Flatmaster models. If you notice that your Nuaire unit is not performing as effectively as when first installed - Condensation or mould reoccurring, this is an indication that the filters could be blocked or restricted. Therefore the units supply of fresh replacement air is reduced and will become less effective: Service your unit and replace the filter.

                         Parts can be ordered  via our website or telephone contact, postage and packing is free of charge if under warranty.                                                                              For a full service to your unit, including inspection, cleaning and installing new filters, please contact us for details.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Drimaster Filters

Price: 48.00 euros (iva/vat inc.)

Not including P&P

Flatmaster Filter

Price: 29.00 euros (iva/vat inc.)

Not including P&P

High-quality materials

All units are manufactured to the highest standard and inspected before installation, therefore enabling us to offer a 5 year guarantee on all units.

A service you can rely on

From initial contact, installation and servicing we aim for complete customer satisfaction with expert help at hand for any questions you may have.